Our GPS-UHF collar obtains positions via GPS at user defined intervals. The collar further collects temperature and 3D accelerometer reading at user
defined intervals. All communication and setting of recording schedule and parameters are done via a radio link from a pc connected to a base station. This base station is further used for downloading the data. The collar automatically downloads data to the base station when in proximity (up to 10km Line of sight or longer if downloading from a plane). The collar can hold up to 200.000 positions before it needs to be downloaded.

The extreme small size of the GPS tag (39x22x14 mm) and low power consumption makes it possible to incorporate this tag into very small units or e.g. into rhino horn or use it for tracking larger birds.


Position acquisition GPS
Data Transmission Via UHF radio link to a base station, downloading distance up to 10km.
Activity recording 3D Accelerometer based activity recordings at user defined intervals.
Communications Two way communication via a UHF radio link enabling you to reschedule data collecting interval and activity recordings.
Data Access Decoding of the downloaded file on your local computer and/or uploading of this file to the Savannah Tracking server followed by Internet based downloading via the Savannah Tracking data manager software.

The collars Includes both UHF as well as backup VHF transmitter (user defined frequencies: UHF 868 – 870 MHz, VHF 140- 173 MHz). Number of position and lifespan depend on battery configuration, data recording schedule and habitat, please see separate lifespan calculator)

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