GPS-GSM livestock Collar

On request we have developed a simpler and cheaper GPS-GSM collar version for livestock tracking projects with easy access to the animal and where VHF and UHF tracking is not needed nor a collar capable of prolonged deployments outside GSM coverage. This unit can optionally be made with rechargeable battery.

The collar functions in most ways the same as our wildlife units. It obtains positions via GPS at user defined intervals. Data recording schedule can be changed after deployment via SMS and data is send from the unit via GPRS to a server and can be downloaded by the user using the free accompanying software. If the unit is outside GSM coverage the data will be sent as soon as the unit returns to coverage, however this unit has a limited buffer memory of 720 positions (corresponding to approximately one month of hourly positions) and data is not stored on board after transmission. These units also do not contain any VHF or UHF tracking capability.


Position acquisition GPS
Data Transmission GPRS via GSM network. Data downloaded via free data manager software.
Communications Two way communication enabling you to reschedule data collecting interval (assuming animal with GSM coverage)
Data Access Internet based downloading via the Savannah Tracking data manager software.

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