GPS-GSM Wildlife Collar

Our GPS-GSM collar obtains positions via GPS at user defined intervals. In addition to GPS positioning the unit can be set to record accelerometer based activity recording either continuously or at defined sample intervals. Communication is two way and allow the user to change data recording schedule after deployment. Data is send from the unit via GPRS to a server and can be downloaded by the user using the free accompanying software. If the unit is outside GSM coverage the data will be sent as soon as the unit returns to coverage. Hence you do not need perfect GSM coverage in your study area to use our GSM based collars.

All data is stored as a backup on board in non volatile memory and can be downloaded once the unit has been recovered.

The unit can be set not to transmit data via GPRS and hence only act as data-logger. This could be an advantage if you are tracking animals where recapture is easy and with no need for real time data. You hereby avoid the power drain linked to data transmission and obtain a longer lifespan of the collar. Even in Data-logger mode the unit can be reconfigurations and can thus remotely be switched from data-logger to GSM (assuming inside GSM coverage).


Position acquisition GPS
Data Transmission GPRS via GSM network. Data downloaded via free data manager software.
Activity recording 3D Accelerometer based activity recordings which are linked to a mortality alarm system providing you with an alert SMS in case of mortality or unusual activity.
Communications Two way communication enabling you to reschedule data collecting interval, activity recordings and mortality alarm settings (assuming animal with GSM coverage)
Data Access Internet based downloading via the Savannah Tracking data manager software.

The collars Includes both VHF as well as backup UHF transmitter (user defined frequencies: UHF 433 – 450 MHz, VHF 140- 173 MHz). Number of position and lifespan depend on battery configuration, data recording schedule and habitat, please see separate lifespan calculator)

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