Terms and Conditions

MiSavannah and its services

The application MiSavannah (hereafter referred to as “the application”) is owned by the company Savannah Tracking Ltd., a legally registered company in Kenya under the companies Act Cap 486.  Savannah Tracking has the certification of incorporation No C. 161461. The physical and postal address of Savannah Tracking Ltd. is Bendera Lane 32 Nairobi Kenya. P. O. Box 896 00606 Nairobi Kenya. The company website is www.savannahtracking.com   

Ownership of copyright

Savannah Tracking Ltd grants to you a worldwide non-exclusive royalty-free revocable license to:

The copyright of the material on this application including text, position data, computer code, artwork, photographs, images, video and audio-visual material is owned by Savannah Tracking Ltd. or the participating projects.

Any collection either manual or automated of position and other data from this application is prohibited. Specifically but not exclusively, position data may not be exported from the device in any shape or form unless specifically provided for by the application. The application or any material from the application may only be used by the original purchaser for personal non-profit use and/or non-profit educational use in classrooms or other teaching venues for a limited audience. Material may not be provided or exported to third party or incorporated into teaching material made publicly available in any shape or form without the explicit permission from Savannah Tracking Ltd. Savannah Tracking does not grant you any rights for use of position data or other information and material on the app for publication, broadcasting, show or play in public, for fundraising, or scientific use.

Data accuracy and availability

The GPS tracking data displayed in the application is real and full accuracy position data collected from the specified individuals. Due to the current threat of poaching and illegal killing of wildlife especially of elephants the data displayed on the app has been artificially shifted temporally for a few undisclosed numbers of days. The data will still reflect the animal’s movements at the given time of year but the time shift will prevent people using this application for locating the animals for ill intend. We hope the world will change to a better place in the future so we at one point can provide you with time correct data.

Duration and warranty

The application provides you continued access to the animal tracking links as long as the specific tracking device is active and transmitting from the animal. Data will cease to arrive at one point in time due to normal equipment expiry, replacement of tracking units, mortality of the animal or discontinued tracking due to scientific, project or other reasons. All animals are tracked for the purpose of science, conservation and/or wildlife management only. Decisions relating to continued tracking of individuals and potential replacement of tracking tags are solely based on factors relating to these reasons. No animal is tracked for the purpose of this application. Savannah Tracking therefore offers no warranty what so ever in terms of amount and/ or duration of data stream after the purchase of the application.

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