MiSavannah is our new Apple and Android based tracking app. This app is available on iTune and Google Play and allows the user to follow individual elephants, lions, zebras and vultures and other wild animals on the African Savannah. Replay their movements on Google maps and see how they travel over the savannah in their daily quest for sustenance and safety. Get biographies and updates about their daily lives from the conservation projects and people who are working to save these endangered animals and the areas they live in.

MiSavannah is a unique App covering multiple conservation projects in East Africa, all using advanced GPS tracking of individual animals to gain vital information for wildlife conservation. By purchasing MiSavannah you directly support the conservation projects listed on the App, with 35% of the initial purchase price and 60% of in App purchases.

On first download you get access to an elephant from Cynthia Moss’s world famous Amboseli Elephant Research Project, a vulture from the Masai Mara Vulture project under The Peregrine Fund’s Kenya Vulture Project, a critically endangered Grevy Zebra ranging in their last remaining stronghold in northern Kenya and studied by the Grevy Zebra Project and finally a lion, tracked by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. Inside the App you can gain access to more animals from these projects or add on new animals and species as more projects join the app. As you slowly populate your App with different species and individuals you create your own savannah ecosystem and can start to see the differences and similarities between individuals of the same species or compare the behavior of multiple species. How does the zebra move in relation to the lion? What time of day is the elephant most active? And how many kilometers do vultures fly on average per day? Let the animals tell you themselves with their feet and wings.

In addition you will get an insider’s view of the specific conservation projects as the field personnel updates you on their successes and the challenges they are facing in remote conservation areas.

With MiSavannah you get a window into the lives of individual animals and see the world through their eyes. You get detailed scientific data on their movements with graphs showing you their daily movements, How far they have moved from where they were yesterday and their average movements over the course of the day.

This app is developed by Savannah Tracking Ltd, More is More and MM3. From this team we say, welcome to the African Savannah and its wildlife.


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