New developments:

There are thousands of species of mammals and larger birds and equipment has only been developed for a small fraction of these. Many species have physical features or behaviours which creates challenges for the design of the tracking units. In many situations nobody currently have any ready and done solution on how to track certain species. We at Savannah Tracking are very willing to enter into a development phase with our clients in order to develop workable solutions for such challenging projects. As examples we have in collaboration with ILRI successfully developed a harness based GPS-GSM solution for bush pigs, notoriously difficult to track due to tapered neck. Currently we are involved with a project from University of Berkeley to develop GPS-UHF tracking tags for hippos. So if you have a project evolving a “difficult” species or providing challenging conditions contact us so we can start an R&D phase together.

Deployment of equipment:

In addition to supplying your tracking hardware we can also assist in the logistics associated with animal capture for collar deployment. Hence Savannah Tracking can, if you wish be your one stop shop providing your collars but also coordinate capture teams, vets and other logistical support. We do require you to secure all the necessarily permits for your project. Please enquire regarding your specific project.


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