Products Overview

Savannah Tracking has a number of main product lines. For GPS tracking we currently have two systems with the main difference being how you receive the data. One system is based on UHF downloading and another system based on GSM downloading. We will in a short while additionally release a satellite (iridium) based system providing near real time data access regardless of your area or your presence on the ground. All GPS collars are fitted with a VHF transmitter running on a complete separate battery but additionally contains an integrated UHF based transmitter. Thus each collar contains two independent transmitters providing true backup for location and recovery. None of the GPS systems are as such superior to the other. The optimal system (UHF, GSM or Satellite) is entirely depending on your requirements combined with species and study area constrains.

We also provide pure VHF and UHF telemetry solutions either as traditional collars, boluses or implants. Lastly we can provide RFID systems for animal identification or wildlife product tractability.





Savannah Tracking has a general warranty on our products. The Tracking Equipment products is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for either one year after delivery or after 30.000 recorded GPS positions, whichever comes first. During this period if the product is found to be defective in material or workmanship we will at our option either repair or replace this product without charge subject to the following conditions, limitations and exclusions.

  1. This warranty extends to the original consumer purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable.
  2. This warranty shall not apply to any products which have been subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, alterations or accidents nor to damage resulting from wrongly fitted equipment
  3. This warranty does not apply to any defects or damage directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from the use of unauthorised replacement parts or alterations carried out by unauthorised personnel.
  4. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from what can be considered normal wear on equipment deployed on wild animals in harsh conditions including damage resulting from predation.
  5. This warranty does not apply to any batteries or to failure of operation following normal battery depletion unless caused by wire breakage or similar product faults.
  6. This warranty is limited to the Savannah Tracking Ltd. products and does not cover any cost or loss caused by a faulty product

It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow all local, national or international rules and regulations regarding animal capture and or immobilisations. Under no circumstances are Savannah Tracking liable for any breach of such rules and regulation. The VHF and UHF radio frequencies and transmitter strength are specified by the consumer and it is the responsibility of the consumer to adhere to local and international rules and regulations regarding the use of radio transmitters and if necessary to obtain the required license(s) for operating the specified frequencies in the area of deployment

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